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Why Computer Programming is Important?

/ Every aspect of your life involves coding, from your bank app on your smartphone to Youtube. Programming skills can help in the job search even if you aren’t interested in technology-specific fields and can build employer-desired 21st-century skill sets like problem-solving skills and critical thinking. Most of us engage with programming in nearly every part of the modern world, so a basic understanding of its principles will always be an essential skill. These languages, algorithms, and models make our lives easier, but they aren't a mystery. Students can master this invisible world.

Mar. 09, 2023. 8:42 AM

Computer programming is the lifeblood of modern life. Imagine for a moment what would happen if all computers suddenly disappeared tomorrow. No internet. No data. No connection. No convenience. 

Computer programming is a fundamental skill for so many different applications, not just software development or cutting-edge research into artificial intelligence. It makes banking more accessible, smooths out supply lines, and creates those fantastic online experiences we love. Programming means your favorite jeans are one click away, and governments can open services faster and more efficiently during a crisis. Amazing, isn’t it? 

What are the benefits of computer programming?

Learning computer programming ensures that students have access to the creative, fast-paced world that relies on machine connections. Students can apply these skills to so many different industries and disciplines. Students that want a creative job can delve into 3D animation, web design, or even branding. Students with a drive for research can join AI initiatives and build research pipelines for scientists.

Computer programming has become a sought-after skill even for positions that aren’t involved directly in computer science. Those who can talk to machines—even just a little—will find their resumes stand out in the job field, like language skills or communication skills.

So much of the world is now automated. Students entering a job field will find computer programming skills necessary to maintain and troubleshoot these automation tools. They’ll be in a much better position to contribute to company collaborations and maximize the benefit of technology investments.

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