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VueJs watch multiple properties

/ Let us look at how we can watch multiple properties using VueJs 3 and VueJs 2. Watching multiple items is really useful, especially when working with a lot of data.

Apr. 20, 2023. 1:06 AM

So, for those people who are trying to find a way to watch multiple properties using a single handler in VueJS. Here are some ways you can do it.

For Vue 3

We can declare variables we want to watch, in this example we have itemA and itemB. in Vue 3 we can use an array in the watch function first argument to watch those variables.

import { watch, ref } from "vue"

export default {
  setup(() => {
    const itemA = ref(1);
    const itemB = ref('hello');

    watch([itemA, itemB], ([newA, newB], [prevA, prevB]) => {
      // do whatever you want

Vue 2

In vue 2 we have to use the old setup. We declared our variable in data property. We then created a computed property were we add itemAitemBProperties to get the computed value of this items. Then we created a watch to watch the computed value.

    export default {
      data() {
        return {
           itemA: 1,
           itemB: 'text'
      computed: {
        itemAitemBProperties() {
          return [this.itemA, this.itemB];
      watch: {
        propertyAAndPropertyB(newVal, oldVal) {
          console.log(newA, newB);


The idea above is just a sample, but you can modify it, and its up to you how you can manipulate your data. In Vue 3 its good to add your properties into an array and watch it. in Vue 2 leverage the computed properties.

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