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Useful 100 AI Tools That You can Use

/ AI stands for Artificial Intelligence. It refers to the development of computer systems or machines that can perform tasks that would typically require human intelligence. AI enables machines to perceive, reason, learn, and make decisions to simulate human cognitive abilities.

Jun. 13, 2023. 12:14 PM

1. Dora Al: Generating powerful websites with simple prompts.

2. Tactiq Al Meeting Kits: Use Al prompts to extract key insights from your meetings.

3.  Al Code Creator: Create new or fix existing code with Al.

4.  Al Job Interview Coach: Practice and manage your job interview preparation.

5.  Al Ads: Generate winning video ads with Al using only the Store URL.

6.  Plus Al for Google Slides: Build Al-powered presentations in Google Slides.

7.  Plus Al Market Research Reports: Free market research reports for yourindustry.

8.  Style Al: SEO done for you automatically using Al.

9.  Slatebox Al: Generate diagrams with text prompts.

10. Parthean Al: A financial expert in your pocket.

11. Taskade Al Workflows: Create and customize any project workflow with Generative Al.

12. Character Al: Create new characters with just a few words.

13. Freepik Al image generator: Turn your words into images with Al.

14. Briefly Al: Al meeting summaries, follow-up emails, and deliverables.

15. LogicLoop Al SQL Copilot: Generate SQL with Al for business and data teams.

16. Bugasura Al: A smart add-on to unlock the impact of a bug on your customers.

17. Ticket Al for Discord: Respond to support tickets with Al.

18. Dreamore Al: Bring your dreams to life with Al.

19. Berrycast Al: Record, transcribe & use Al to improve project communication.

20. Mango SEO Al: Improve your search ranking with Al powered programmatic SEO.

21. Yoodli Al Speech Coach: Use Al to improve your communication skills.

22. Al Recolor: Change the color of any object in your photo in seconds.

23. Al of the Day: Your daily dose of Al insight and innovation.

24. Prospect with Persana Al: GPT superpowers for prospecting + auto reply on Gmail.

25. The Prohuman Al: Discover tech news, Al innovations, no-code tools & hustles.

26. Rep Al: Convert more traffic, sell more stuff, and support customers.

27. Nack Al: Chat with GPT and generate images on mobile (i0S + Android).

28. Spark +Al: Your email productivity, supercharged with Al.

29. Humbird Al: The silver bullet solution for proactive hiring.

30. Feathery Al: Create digital forms 10x faster with Al.

31. Pixelied Image Al: Generate images, logos, icons & more.

32. Exemplary Al: Transform audio/video into content, summaries & insights.

33. Ceeya Al: Build and manage your personal brand with help of Gen Al.

34. Whismer Al: Build personalized Al knowledge base with your data.

35. Writers brew Al: An Al writing assistant app that is perfect for everyday use.

36. CodeMate Al: GPT-4 powered Grammarly for programmers.

37. Al Chat SMS: Chat with your personalized Al bat via SMS.

38. HelpHub Al: A GPT-powered chatbot for any site.

39. Netus Al: An Al-driven bypasser, detector and paraphraser.

40. Quick Survey Al: Create survey in seconds with ChatGPT, send for free.

41. Al Quiz Maker: Convert any text into an interactive quiz in seconds.

42. Brainfish Al: Instant answers for any customer question about your product.

43. Flagright Al: Supercharge your AML compliance ops with Flagright Al & GPT.

44. Interviews by Al: Realistic interview questions and feedback with ChatGPT.

45. Molin Al: Multilingual Al copywriter for free.

46. Millions Dollar Al: Collection of Al products making millions.

47. Al Translator: The most accurate translator in the world.

48. Creators' Al: The most practical Al newsletter for creators and makers.

49. Myfit-Al: Generate personal fitness programs and meal plans with Al.

50. CometCore Al: Create, automate & collaborate with adorable Al agents.

51.Talkio Al: Al powered language training app for the browser.

52. Al Diary: Write with ease and discover fun insights with Al journaling.

53. Product copy generator: Craft your perfect product copy in seconds with Notion.

54. My Al Chef: Al chef sharing coolest recipes.

55. Al Cases: Daily, weekly, and monthly Al-generated Twitter digests.

56. Ellen Al: Your Al assistant with voice.

57. Meteron Al: Rapidly build Al products.

58. Dataherald Al: Use generative Al to supercharge data storytelling.

59. AutoPortrait: Generate unique portraits of yourself using Al.

60. Al: Create beautiful forms, surveys & quizzes with Al.

61. Superpowered Al: Knowledge base as a service for LLM applications.

62. Nightfall Al for Zendesk: Automatically find and fix data exposure on Zendesk with Al.

63. Meta Al Sandox: Generative Al tools for easier and faster ad creation.

64. Ghost Al: Al-Powered Email Productivity Platform.

65. Al Wrytr: Al powered content generator.

66. Adlous Al: Al-powered limitless content.

67. Lime Al: Create Jupyter notebooks with Al.

68. Vatic: State of the art text to video tool.

69. Al Accelerator: This template covers the fundamentals about Al. (With Notion Al)

70. Stormz Al: Supercharge brainstorming with Al.

71. Interior Decorator Al: Generate interior decoration ideas with Al.

72. Al Subject Line Generator: Generate a brilliant subject line in seconds, with GPT.

73. Al Reviews Management: Enhance your online reputation with Al (By EmbedSocial).

74. SaaS By Al: The source for new Al tools to supercharge your productivity.

75. PageWise Al: Chat with your confluence knowledge-base in Slack using Al.

76. DesignSense AI: Al interior magic room revamp.

77. 000: Al trip generator.

78. DoubleSlash-Al: GPT4 for every website.

79. Sendero Al: A Webflow Al copilot for content generation & headless DB.

80. Al Educator Tools: The Al tool repository for teachers.

81. JediDesk AI: Al powered helpdesk.

82. VEST Al: ChatGPT for stock analysis.

83. Pi: Your personal Al.

84. Al Illustwitter: Al art generator & Al image editing tool.

85. Wanderlog AI: ChatGPT with a map - save places to your plan in seconds.

86. Al Product Manager for Engineers: Transforming engineers into all-round innovators.

87. Textoni AI: Practical content intelligence.

88. Text to Music Al: Generate music samples and drums with Al.

89. Al Poem Generator: Automatically generate poems using Al.

90. Varys Al: Revolutionizing space design & accelerating business growth.

91. Fluxy Al: Create content without chat GPT prompt engineering hassle.

92. Meet An AI: Chatroulette/Omegle reimagined, now entirely Al characters.

93. The Al Job Network: Find your dream job at leading Al startups.

94. Al Palette: Explore new color combinations with Al palette tool.

95. Character Al Generator: A beginner-friendly character creator & guide.

96. Al Reverse Image Search: A better way to find similar images.

97. AutoReviews Al: Revolutionizing Customer Feedback with Al-Powered Responses.

98. Colorway AI: Create coloring book illustrations with prompts.

99. Octavia Al: The Web3 crypto Al assistant.

100. Al Content Detector Tool: Detect any Al-generated text for free.

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