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This Operating System is Windows 11 but it's actually Linux

/ Wubuntu, short for "Windows Ubuntu," is an operating system that mimics the look and features of Microsoft Windows, including the new Copilot assistant.

Feb. 20, 2024. 10:54 AM

Hey there! In this video, the person is showcasing a unique Linux distribution called Wuntu. It's a customized version of Ubuntu with the KDE Plasma desktop interface that looks like Windows 11. The interesting part is that it comes pre-configured with Wine, allowing you to run Windows applications on Linux seamlessly.

The video demonstrates the system, showing Microsoft apps like Co-pilot and Edge, along with other tools that resemble Windows features. The creator mentions that this Linux distribution is a bit like a hybrid, offering a Windows-like experience out of the box.

The video also mentions some quirks, like the inclusion of a trial version of "power toys" (not the official Microsoft ones), which provides additional skin settings and features. The free trial may expire, but you can purchase a key for $35 if you want to continue using those features.

If you're interested, you can download Wuntu from their website, which offers different themes like Windows 11 and Windows 10. The video provides a step-by-step guide on installing it in a virtual machine using Hyper-V.

In summary, Wuntu is a unique Linux distribution designed to look like Windows, making it an intriguing option for those who want a Windows-like experience on a Linux system.

What is Wubuntu?

Wubuntu, short for "Windows Ubuntu," is an operating system that mimics the look and features of Microsoft Windows, including the new Copilot assistant. Unlike Windows, Wubuntu doesn't need specific hardware requirements like TPM or secure boot to function. It's built on the Ubuntu operating system, ensuring a speedy, secure, and efficient experience. Additionally, Wubuntu allows you to run not only Ubuntu applications but also Microsoft Windows and Android applications on the same system.

Why Use Wubuntu?

People might choose to use Wubuntu for several reasons:

Familiar Interface: Wubuntu provides a user interface that closely resembles Microsoft Windows. This can be beneficial for users who are accustomed to the Windows operating system and want a similar look and feel.

  1. Compatibility: Wubuntu allows users to run Microsoft Windows applications without the need for TPM (Trusted Platform Module) or secure boot. This can be advantageous for those who rely on specific Windows software but prefer a Linux environment.

  2. No Hardware Requirements: Unlike some versions of Windows that have specific hardware requirements, Wubuntu is designed to operate without needing TPM or secure boot. This makes it potentially more accessible for users with older hardware or different system configurations.

  3. Integration with Ubuntu: Wubuntu is based on the Ubuntu operating system, which is known for its stability and security. Users can benefit from the Ubuntu ecosystem while enjoying a Windows-like interface.

  4. Android Application Support: Wubuntu supports Android applications, providing users with a broader range of software options and flexibility.

  5. Personalization and Theming: Wubuntu comes with pre-configured themes and settings that make it visually resemble Windows. Users who enjoy customizing their desktop environments may find this aspect appealing.

It's essential to note that the choice of using Wubuntu depends on individual preferences and requirements. Some users may prefer the familiarity of a Windows-like interface, while others may prioritize different factors such as open-source philosophy, community support, or specific Linux features.

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