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Cover Image Snapdragon X elite VS Apple M-series

Snapdragon X elite VS Apple M-series

/ The world of laptop processors is about to get even hotter. Qualcomm's challenger, the Snapdragon X Elite, is poised to take on Apple's dominant M-series chips in a battle for benchmark supremacy.

May. 25, 2024. 9:02 AM

Many of you are probably aware that your smartphone uses a type of chip called ARM. As these chips have evolved and become more powerful, they've started being used in devices like MacBooks. Now, Snapdragon has developed a chip designed to compete with Apple's M-series.

The War of the Chips: Snapdragon X Elite vs Apple M-series Heats Up

Both companies are boasting impressive specs and early performance figures, but which one reigns supreme? Let's dive into the ring.

Snapdragon X Elite: The New Challenger

Qualcomm is entering the arena with a chip built specifically for Windows on Arm laptops. The X Elite boasts custom CPU cores based on the Armv9 architecture, promising significant performance gains over previous Snapdragon offerings. Early leaks suggest it might even surpass Apple's M3 chip in multi-core performance, according to Geekbench scores reaching 15,300 compared to the M3's 12,154.

Apple M-series: The Reigning Champion

Apple has been a leader in Arm-based laptop processors for years. The M-series chips are renowned for their exceptional performance and power efficiency. While the M3 benchmarks might be lower in multi-core tests, Apple is known for optimizing its hardware and software for seamless integration, leading to potentially smoother performance in real-world use.

Beyond Benchmarks: The Deciding Factors

While benchmark scores grab headlines, the true winner depends on more than just raw processing power. Here are some key factors to consider:

  • Battery Life: Apple's M-series chips are known for their impressive battery efficiency. Can the X Elite keep up?

  • Software Optimization: Apple's tight control over hardware and software allows for seamless integration. Will Windows on Arm laptops with the X Elite offer a comparable user experience?

  • App Compatibility: Windows on Arm has historically struggled with compatibility for some x86 applications. Has Qualcomm addressed this issue with the X Elite?

  • Price: Historically, Windows laptops tend to be more affordable than their Apple counterparts. Will this price advantage hold true with the X Elite?

The Verdict: It's Too Early to Call

The Snapdragon X Elite is a promising new contender, but it's still early days. Independent benchmarks and real-world testing are crucial before declaring a winner. Here's what we can expect:

  • Increased Competition: This chip war can only benefit consumers, pushing both companies to innovate and deliver even better products.

  • Improved Windows on Arm: The X Elite has the potential to revitalize Windows on Arm laptops, offering a more compelling alternative to Apple's offerings.


The battle between Apple's M1-series and Snapdragon's X-series chips is just beginning. You'll soon see a lot of benchmarks and comparisons online, but ultimately, it all comes down to user experience. How these chips perform in real-world usage on your computers is what truly matters. Users are the ones who can provide valuable reviews and feedback, which will play a crucial role in determining the outcome of this competition. So, keep an eye out for those firsthand experiences—they'll be essential in understanding which chip truly stands out.

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