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My Best Pick Vue3 Component Library

/ Component libraries—sometimes referred to as UI components or UI libraries—provide developers with prebuilt sets of functions or components that can be added to, and modified in mobile and web applications.

May. 08, 2023. 11:20 AM

A Component Library is a collection of pre-designed and pre-coded UI elements that can be reused across different projects. These elements include buttons, forms, menus, and other UI components that are commonly used in website development. By using a Component Library, developers can save time and effort in designing and coding these elements from scratch.

Here are my best pick:

Prime Vue

Prime is a popular Vue component library. It has support for both version 2 and version 3. What I like about this component is that it has a lot of styles/themes that you can choose from, and they can also be switchable Unlike other components, they have only dark and light themes with color customization only. Learn more about Prime Vue.

Naive UI

What I like about this library is that it is tree-shakable and it has a lot of components you can find. The simplicity of the components makes the library beautiful, and the design is consistent. The website docs are very easy to understand and it's easy to navigate. Learn More About Naive UI.


Quasar is designed to be a materialistic design that we see in Google's website style. What I like about this library is not only the material design but how much effort is made into this library. It supports different platforms. It has support for SPA, SSR, PWA, Mobile app, Desktop app & Browser Extension. it is also tree-shakable automatically. Check it out here.

Element Plus

When building web apps, I often choose this library as my first choice because it looks like it's built for creating desktop applications. Of course, you can use this anywhere, it could be a website or mobile or web apps, but for me, I mostly used this for desktop applications. The docs are really good, and it's easy to navigate to the different components. There is an admin template I really like that was created using this library check it out here. To learn more about Element Plus Check Here.

Vuetify 3

I had a love-and-hate relationship with the library as it took too long for the library to support Vue 3 while others have already supported Vue 3. What I like about this library is that it feels fast and smooth. The docs are also easy to navigate and easy to understand. Read more about the Component Here.


So, the components I listed above are my favorite ones. Choosing the right Component Library can make a big difference in website development. A good Component Library should not only provide a wide range of UI components but also be easy to use and customize. Moreover, it should be compatible with different web development frameworks and technologies. By choosing the right Component Library, developers can save time and effort, ensure consistency in design and functionality, and improve the user experience.

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