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JavaScript Libraries For Creating Awesome Carousels


Mar. 08, 2023. 2:17 PM

Creating your own carousels from scratch may take longer time, and to make things easier I like to share some of the libraries that you can use to create your own cool Carousels.

1. Swiper.js

Swipper.js must be my one of my favorite, not because its easy to use but it support different JavaScript framework like Vue, ReactJs, etc.

You can also do dragging on each slide, it feels like your clipping cards on your own hand.

Check Out Their website, and feel free to check their own examples.

2. Slick

This is also one of my favorite because of how fast it is. Just add CDN on your website, and your ready to use the library.The only downside here is you have to add jQuery.

3. GlideJS

This is also a very good library, it also provide different API so that you can customize your carousels.


I like this and recommend this because this library supports older versions of browsers, even those browsers who are zombies.

5. FlickityI also recommend this one because it supports older browser, and its very fast. You can customize it the way you like, and it has a lot of examples on their website.

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