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Cover Image I Created a Family Tree Editor, Check it Out!

I Created a Family Tree Editor, Check it Out!

/ Fams Tree is a user-friendly application designed for crafting family trees. With this tool, you can easily construct your family tree and then save or export it in a range of formats including PDF, SVG, and PNG, according to your preference.

Aug. 07, 2023. 3:02 PM

Hello! This project began when I realized the value of keeping a copy or record of my family history. It's a wonderful way to preserve our ancestors' stories, and in the future, these kids will be able to see records of their ancestors.

In this article, I am going to show you how you can use the web app and start creating a family for yourself.

Step One. Go to and then sign in or if you don not like to sign in. You can just click Create Famtree button.

Step Two. If you logged in, you can start creating FamTree by creating a new Famtree. After that you will be directed to the editor where you can edit family tree.

  • Click Person Image to edit their details.

  • Click This Icon, to add a tree item.

    • To Delete an Item Select an Item, click Edit and click delete button.

If you are signed and online, your work will be saved and you can then open it anywhere. But If you create a fam without signing in your work will only be saved on your browser storage Data.

Once you are done working. You have the option to export it in a different format like PDF, PNG, SVG, CSV, and JSON.

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