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Hi! I am Jenuel Oras Ganawed

/ I am a professional Software Developer hailing from the Philippines, with expertise in developing a wide range of web and mobile applications. I possess a profound passion for coding, writing, and imparting my knowledge to others.

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Apr. 28, 2023. 10:45 AM

👔 About Me

I began my professional programming journey in 2018, gaining valuable experience in various stages of application development, such as frontend, backend, and dev-ops. This enables me to handle entire projects, taking responsibility from design all the way to implementation and deployment.

You can call me Bro Jenuel. I have a full-stack background and an eye for good design. I create web apps, websites, apps, and anything else in between. I love to make complex things simple and a joy to use. Currently, I focus on building web apps with VueJs(v2) (v3) and Laravel.

  • 🗺 Hi! I live in Philippines!

  • I know how to 🏊‍♀️🏊‍♂️ swim, 🎸 play guitar (a little bit), i also play 💻 games.

  • 🙏 👆 I believe in a Creator.

Languages and Tools: BootStrap, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, PHP, VueJs, Nuxt, Vite, Vitepress, Laravel, Lumen, Rails, CodeIgniter, NodeJs, SQL, SQLite

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